“With our new iPad mini I am able to show the children photos of the actual radiation machines, staff members they will meet, and photos of the playroom. Letting the children know what to expect is an effective way to increase sense of control and decrease anxiety.”

Brigham And Women’s Hospital – Melissa Taormina, Child Life Specialist

“The Xbox’s you provided for the children at WakeMed are invaluable. We have so many patients who are hurting or are just overwhelmed with being in the hospital, who find comfort in being able to relax and play games on the Xbox. It allows them to have a sense of normalcy for a moment and temporarily forget their fears, pain and stress associated with being a patient in the hospital. I have seen patients go from saying they are in tremendous pain and not engaging with staff, to smiling and talking once they see me walk in with the Xbox for them to play. This can help increase their coping during procedures and hospitalization tremendously.”

WakeMed Hospital – Sunisha Barbee, Child Life Specialist

“I use the iPad mini to offer a variety of children distraction during many different medical procedures including IV starts, lab draws, catheterizations, NG drops, surgery preparation, new diagnosis education, lumbar punctures and suture repairs. The kids love to play with the iPad, and before you know it we have turned tears into giggles.”

The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center – Kortnie Karn, Child Life Specialist

“The gift cards help support patients as they cope with hospitalization and can often serve as a distraction during the patients’ hospital stay. Through this donation, you are helping us achieve our goal of making children’s hospitalizations, illnesses and treatments as stress and anxiety free as possible.”

Woodhull Hospital – Dr. Luis Rodriguez, Chief, Department of Pediatrics

It is important to offer children activities that they would have participated in, had they not been in the hospital. iPads are a tool with so many uses. It allows the child life specialist to have one item, but still have games, music movies, and an overall focal point ready to use for every age.”

Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth – Jessica Laperie, Child Life Manager

“Thank you so much for your donation of gift cards to be used for inpatient adolescents. This age group tends to be forgotten so it is powerful work you are doing to help teens cope.”

St Luke’s Children’s Hospital – Nicole Young, Child Life Specialist

“…our Hospital Based School teachers utilize iPads to motivate teen students to continue progressing with their schoolwork while they are hospitalized. The teachers have downloaded beneficial educational games to motivate teens to get started thinking about learning and many times this fun start helps inspire teens to complete homework assignments. Teenagers can also use the iPad to study for SAQT, ACT or GED exams.”

Children’s Mercy Hospital – Melissa Pulis, Director, Child Life, Music Therapy and Hospital Based School

“Your donation is not only helping us provide good medical care, but good emotional care, as well.”

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – Sandie Sternberg, Coordinator Child Life Services